Tomathan Jompson

A boy who longed for adventure


Age: Deceased
Race: Elven
Appearance: N/A
Societal Status: N/A


A Sad Story

Tomathan, ever the bright lad, showed early promise with the magical arts. His parents enrolled him in the illustrious Academie de Arts de Magic deep within the Embeth Forest of the River Kingdoms, and there he flourished into an exceptional magician.

He soon grew bored of his lectures and fled the Academie, stealing several magical tomes in his escape. Once out in the world, he met adventure head on, never turning his back to a quest.

It is with this attitude that he met a group of mercenaries, and Tomathan jumped on the opportunity to delve into the deep and wretched deadlands of the Worldwound. He and the mercenary group were quickly captured by a horde of Tieflings and brought to the outskirts of Drezen, where he was held prisoner until being rescued by our exquisite quartet of adventurers.

Tomathan, perhaps still naive in his youth, followed our adventurers into the deepest pits of the citadel Drezen, where his generous heart and selfless ways led to an early demise.

Tomathan Jompson

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